Friday, 18 November 2011

How To Delete Duplicates In iTunes

If like many others, you struggle to clean up your iTunes then this article can help you keep your iTunes library organized.

Chances are, you will have duplicates of songs in your library and it can be really frustrating to track these down, especially if they are saved under different names. For many people, their iTunes library acts like a soundtrack to their lives and without it; they would almost certainly be lost. Many of us listen to music on a daily basis; it can lift our mood, bring back happy and sad memories and can help form a bond between people. This is why it makes sense that a product designed solely to bring order to the chaos that is your iTunes library is something that we all need in our lives. 

Tune Sweeper is one such product that can do this. It works on a simple premise, in that it tracks down duplicates in your library and safely removes them from your music library. Removing duplicates manually may sound like quite a simple task but if you have a lot of duplicates, removing these using iTunes itself can be very time consuming and it's all too easy to accidentally remove the wrong songs and subsequently lose them forever. For a lot of people, the tracks that they have in their iTunes library are very precious to them and to lose them would be a disaster, but with Tune Sweeper you can rest assured that only your unwanted duplicates will be removed. 

Tune Sweeper works by quickly tracking down duplicate music files in your collection, it will then choose one version to keep and the unwanted file will be marked for removal. All you need do after this is simply choose which duplicates to keep and which to discard all with the click of a button. Once you have clicked the remove option, all your unwanted duplicates will be magically removed and your music library cleaned.

Tune Sweeper is really easy to use, anyone can do it! The product will scan your iTunes for duplicates based on search criteria chosen by you, such as matching track names, artist and album. The duplicates will be displayed in groups so you don’t have to delete all the duplicates if you don’t want to, you can pick and choose which ones to clear. There is also an option to back up the tracks removed from iTunes should you change your mind and wish to add them back into your library. This is also allows for any mistakes you may make when choosing which tracks to remove.

In addition to helping you to delete duplicates from iTunes, Tune Sweeper can also make your iTunes using experience run a lot smoother with the ability to find and remove missing iTunes tracks. A missing track is one of those annoying ones which is listed in your library but the file is actually missing from your hard drive so cannot be played. With Tune Sweeper you can safely remove these pesky tracks and also avoid those ‘file missing’ errors when syncing your iPhone or iPod. You may only need to use this product once or twice a year but it will make using your iTunes library experience a much more enjoyable one.

Tune Sweeper is available for Windows and also on the Mac app store, meaning that everyone can benefit from this unique product that makes it easier to enjoy your favourite music and manage your iTunes library.